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Part of our job is to keep our eyes ever on the horizon – looking at the big picture and keeping the longview always in our minds. This is where we share what’s happening, what we’re thinking about and being inspired by, and how you can join us.

LDTE Playwright’s Corner: T TARA TURK-HAYNES

You are deep into writing the next play for LDTE's Cycle of Violence Commissioned Series, which is on the topic of Honor Killing. How did…

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Meet The Intern: Bianca Estrada!

Every summer, companies around the world wait with high hopes for that 'first day" with The Intern; meanwhile and simultaneously, interns wait for that first…

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Tira Palmquist tackles Sex Trafficking in SAFE HARBOR

For one week in July, six actors came together to workshop Tira Palmquist's commissioned play titled, ANYONE'S GIRL [Update! As of January 2019, this piece…

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LDTE Playwright’s Corner: Inda Craig-Galvan

We're happy to feature fellow creative hustler and compelling writer, Inda Craig-Galvan in our LDTE Playwright's Corner. 1. What are you working on now and…

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