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Commissioned Work

Lower Depth Theatre Ensemble continually seeks opportunities to collaborate with artists and storytellers on issues that move us deeply. Bravely bearing witness to unavoidable truths, these commissioned works examine our most fundamental human struggle – namely whether we harm or hold one another. Provocative, heart-breaking, and always illuminating, we create these works to raise consciousness for social change.

We began our 4-part commission series, Cycle of Violence in 2017. We will explore the following issues through 4 new plays:

Sex Trafficking

SAFE HARBOR by Tira Palmquist Lower Depth's first commission in the Cycle of Violence Commission Series. In "Safe Harbor", Tira Palmquist has managed to capture the…

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Honor Killing

This devastating and largely under-studied patriarchal practice exacts the ultimate form of gender oppression by ending the lives of women and girls for perceived dishonorable…

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Convict Reintegration

In the United States, 1 in 3 African American men have been or will be incarcerated in their lifetime, caught in a system that profits…

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Black Moms and Their Sons

With so many African American men locked up, black moms become both mother and father to their sons in the struggle to steer them clear…

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