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Meet Dylan John Seaton of PURE CONFIDENCE

(Auctioneer / Tom Roland) Dylan John Seaton is thrilled to be working on this important piece with Lower Depth Theatre Ensemble. His theatre credits include Hysterical Blindness (Backyard Productions, San Diego), The Song of Extinction (Ion Theatre, San Diego), Anita Bryant Died For Your Sins (Diversionary Theatre, San Diego), The Laramie Project: 10 Years Later (LA LGBT Center), and The Curse of Oedipus (Antaeus Company). Television credits include “The Fosters”, “Castle”, and “Notorious”. Dylan portrayed serial killer Richard Chase in the made-for-tv movie “Lore: Deadly Obsession” and played the lead role in “Carry On Only”, a Short Film Selection at the San Diego Film Festival. He has also been featured regularly in comedy sketches and web series for Cracked.com. Dylan would like to thank his family, his chérie d’amour, and his canine son, Stan.

Here is what he has to say about being a part of the Lower Depth family and this amazing team of artists:

“It’s a privilege to be a part of a production that so effectively addresses the issue of our nation’s dark history of slavery and the systemic racism that has lingered on to this day. Carlyle Brown does so very creatively, within the world of 19th Century horse racing, which was dominated by these black jockeys, represented by Simon Cato, who were also slaves.

Admittedly, this is a history I previously knew virtually nothing about; none of us in the cast did. The reason we didn’t is because it’s a history that has been largely buried. In some cases quite literally, as we learned that physical remnants of these jockeys’ careers could actually be found in the basement of the Kentucky Derby Museum. That is, until an organized effort was made to finally move them upstairs where they belong.

For me personally, working on this production is somewhat cathartic, as exactly two years ago I quit the cast of a staged reading of a new “play” (I use that term lightly) that dealt with racism in America. Unfortunately, it became clear in early rehearsals that the “playwright’s” intention was not to shed any new light on an important issue, but rather to ignore or even attempt to disprove the existence of systemic racism and instead blame the oppressed for their oppression. Coincidentally, a fellow “Pure Confidence” cast member left that production as well. It was undoubtedly my worst experience as an actor and it has left a bad taste in my mouth ever since.

The audience will see many instances of overt racism in “Pure Confidence”, and it will likely make many people uncomfortable, as it should. But in my character, Tom Roland, people will see an educated man from the North who refuses to use the N-word and may even be repulsed by the sound of it. He sees himself as a little more enlightened than those he views as ignorant bigots. However, at the same time you’ll see him embrace and perpetuate racist narratives. He represents a different, and often dangerous, brand of racism. Today we might call him the “well-meaning” white person. As white people, we’ve likely all been guilty of being a Tom Roland at some point, and I hope the play will make people think about that.

Lastly, as an artist, I couldn’t be more honored to work with such an immensely talented cast, crew, and director. Everyone is such a pro- it’s an actor’s dream. I encourage anyone and everyone to come see this show!”

What would you like to know about Dylan?