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Meet The Intern: Bianca Estrada!

Every summer, companies around the world wait with high hopes for that ‘first day” with The Intern; meanwhile and simultaneously, interns wait for that first day as well, but with larger thoughtful issues: Will it suck? Will anyone show me the bathroom? Is there free coffee? What should I wear??

This month, Lower Depth’s new intern, Bianca Estrada started on her lovely journey with us via the LA County Arts Commission. Just one week in, we’re happy our match was a success and we’re well on our way to making great things happen during her three-month lonng internship, including getting our swag drawers organized and social media posts posted.

But really, let’s hear from Bianca:

Bianca Estrada

Did the first day suck?

My first day was actually pretty great. I found out that my office was located in a pretty swanky building with a pool and communal working area apart from the actual office. ALSO, there are office dogs that are super cute and friendly (for the most part). 

Did anyone show you the bathroom?

No one showed me the bathroom until I asked sooooo…

Is there free coffee?

There IS free coffee and tea! Although no creamer yet…

What did you wear?

I kept my outfit casual on my first day. Black leggings (which are life) and one of my favorite striped t-shirts with a crewneck sweater over it.

And now,

Where are you from?

I’m originally from Hollywood, California and lived there up until I was about 14. After that, I’ve moved all over Southern California. I jumped around the South Bay during high school so I lived in a couple of houses in Hermosa Beach, South Redondo Beach, and Rancho Palos Verdes. When I turned 18 I realized I missed living in the city. I moved to Koreatown and eventually back to Hollywood. At some point in between there, I was temporarily living in Surfside North Miami, Florida for a job. And now I’m living in North Hollywood. Did I miss anything?

What are your career aspirations?

My dream job is to be a director. I’ve always been an actress but eventually got into the technical side of theatre. My technical theatre friends always say I’m an actor, but my acting friends know me as a tech person. I feel like Directing falls right in between those two and I love doing it.

Bianca loving life.

What about Lower-Depth intrigued you?

When I was researching Lower-Depth and what they were all about, I was immediately hooked. They were looking for someone who was either involved in theatre or had administrative experience (which I had both of). Their theatre also focuses on social awareness for artists of color and other social issues. I loved the concept since I had been a working activist for political non-profits in the past and was amazed that I could put my two passions together.

If you had to submit a plan to save the world, what would be your top three strategic objectives?

I struggled with this one. If I had to save the world, my first plan of action would be to get rid of any leaders of the world who believe in the oppression of other people’s right to be treated equally. Ideally simple enough. My second point of action would be to find a way to house the homeless and provide food for everyone. There should be no reason for people to live without a roof over their head or sleep with an empty stomach; especially in a country like ours who not only has the means to do so, but also help other less fortunate countries. There shouldn’t be a debt owed to other countries for helping each other. We need to all work together to live in peace with one another. Lastly, I would focus on the environment. Recently, many places across the world have been trying to enact laws and policies to save the environment. A few basic things to do would be to eliminate as much plastic and waste as possible, make hunting animals illegal, and stop deforestation. There’s so much to do in the world, and it all starts with the individual. 

Who or what inspires you the most?

Bianca and Lin Manuel Miranda
Bianca and Lin Manuel Miranda

People that I look up to in life are other artists. Whether it be actors, directors, designers, freelance photographers, visual artists, etc. It can be hard to work in a field that you love that is not guaranteed to make you money. A lot of artists know the struggle of being told by family or friends that it’s not considered a “real” career or being an arts major is useless. Artists know what they want, and do what they love regardless of achieving success. 

Where do you see yourself in the next three years?

Bianca being technical

If all goes as planned, I will be receiving my degree in Theatre Arts, with a certificate in Technical Theatre. In the next year to two, I’ll be living in New York working hard to get my career started. 

And finally,

Snacks to have in the office: Gummi Bears, Bite-Sized Snickers or Apples? Why?

Gummi Bears all the way. I’m not much of a sweets person, but I’m weak for bear shaped gelatin.

Welcome aboard, Bianca.

Looking forward to a fantastic summer internship together!