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PURE CONFIDENCE – The reviews are in! This is a must see show!

We can’t wait for you to come see this amazing production and – most importantly- join the conversation about the complicated history of our country…  See what people are saying below.  And then – let us know what you thought.  Then click here to purchase your tickets for the last 3 performances.

“Should not be missed. Beautifully written, well-acted….an engaging play that digs into the depths of the soul. On multiple levels, this is a production which will please, entertain, and keep the audience chuckling. Kudos to all involved.”LA Splash


“Splendid cast. Even if you care zilch about horse racing, you’ll be intrigued by this fairytale-like story” Will Call


“A chance to see something increasingly rare under Equity rules: a stageful of hot actors really close up, working hard and nailing it. These elevate the proceedings past the black-box due diligence. It is always exciting to see human beings care this much” Stage and Cinema

“Powerful…quite funny and it will definitely stay with you long after the curtain falls”The Los Angeles Beat

“Pure Confidence” A Powerful Play About an Unlikely Friendship

“Most impressive…powerful and multi layered. Pure Confidence is a thought provoking drama that charms as it takes us back to an ugly chapter in America’s past. It’s message is not just powerful – it may also move you to tears.” – Hollywood Revealed


Armond Dorsey, Deborah Puette, William Salyer, Tamara Graham

“Go. Thoroughly believable and engrossing…a dynamic and challenging work by Carlyle Brown, being given a splendid production by the Lower Depth Theatre Ensemble. The cast is superb, with all hands commanding and theatrical, yet so utterly committed to the moments at hand that there’s not a false note in the evening”  – The Los Angeles Post 


(L to R) Armond Edward Dorsey, William Salyer, Eamon Hunt

“Actors did a magnificent job with such uniform quality I cannot but praise director Mayzor. A lot of good things this production had to say”Night Tinted Glasses


“Plaudits to author Brown who subtly reveals that, in contrast to the film world’s sadistic image of slavery, everyday indignities also have the power to crush a person’s spirit…Under Marya Mazor’s masterly direction, Armond Edward Dorsey is brilliant as Simon, whose outer humor masks a resolute inner dignity”Not Born Yesterday/ Theatre Spoken Here


(L to R) Deborah Puette, William Salyer, Armond Edward Dorsey, Dylan John Seaton, Eamon Hunt

“Pure Confidence held me in its spell from start to finish under Marya Mazor’s stylish direction.” – Stage Scene LA


What did you think of Pure Confidence?  Let us know here….