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Our truths, revealed.

We are a social change activator through the art of theatre. We are a safe place to own our strengths and weaknesses. We are an invitation to courageously stretch our edges beyond comfort and into truth.

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Personal stories from global cultures

We triumph the stories that skirt mainstream consciousness, that challenge our identities and individual narratives, and that tell a collective story of humanity as interwoven, activated, and empowered.

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Opening up the conversation

Something transformative happens when people sit in our seats. They connect with a specific experience of the African diaspora. They explore the stories, themes, and issues that affect both our immediate neighborhoods and the world at large. And they feel it in their bones – which can be challenging, revelatory, and healing. The power of theatre makes this happen.


“The people I am most fond of are those who are not quite achieved, who are not very wise, a little mad, “possessed.” A man slightly possessed is not only more agreeable to me; he is altogether more plausible, more in harmony with the general tune of life, a phenomenon unfathomed yet, and fantastic, which makes it at the same time so confoundedly interesting.”

Maxim Gorky